All I want is to see you smile (Let’s talk about positivity + mutual respect)


There’s a very serious condition plaguing the entire world all the time and I need you all to be aware of it… it’s called negativity. Plain and simple. As a yoga teacher, I would like to say that I am immune. But as a human being, I am not. Negativity can rub off on everyone around you. If all you do is sit around and complain about your “shitty life”, how is that helping you at all? It’s not. And it makes people dread spending time with you.

Think about it. When you’re around someone who is being positive, how do you feel? Probably uplifted. What about when someone has nothing positive to say? They are just sitting there, gossiping and complaining, angry at the world. This either pisses me off or it affects me negatively too.

At my job, I spend a lot of time with teenagers. Some of them are extremely negative and I have been noting how I feel when I encounter them. For example: A patient this week was complaining during an entire class that it was stupid and pointless and boring. The other patients, who had started the day off on a good note, joined in. As staff, we were a little bit affected by this as well. However, when I have a good interaction with a patient, I feel uplifted and happy. I very much prefer positive interactions. Don’t you?

Today was my 90-day review at the mental hospital. My peers and manager told me that they feel uplifted when around me because I am positive and always in a good mood. That makes me feel incredible even though I know for a fact that I’m not always in a good mood. Sometimes I wake up and I am angry and sad and moody. But I try to get those feelings out of my system and trade them in for my classic sunny disposition.

My Grampy always stressed the following words:


Happy is a choice. We can lay back down and choose to let the world crush us or we can get out of bed and greet the new day. So find a way to get rid of your negative thought patterns. Maybe you need a morning routine to help yourself relax into the day. Maybe you need to find some positive coping skills. Maybe you literally need to make a complaint jar and put in a dollar for each complaint, donating it to charity each month. However you do it, remember that happy is a choice. Each interaction has it’s own tone and you can control it.

I’m not saying that nobody can ever feel bad. It’s okay to be angry and it’s okay to cry. We all have our days. I am talking about the people who excessively complain and talk negatively about others. It is important to learn how to express negative emotions in a healthy manner. What do you think of this? How can we spread a culture of positivity and mutual respect? Let me know in the comments!

Smile. Relax. Yesterday’s gone.

XX Jules

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