Watch out for SYDHX (Interview with an upcoming Electro-pop/Alt Rock musician)

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When did you start making music? What got you into music?
I grew up with a piano in the house and I think it all started there. I never took any lessons, I just taught myself songs by ear and when I got old enough to get online, I searched tutorials up on Youtube. For my 12th birthday, my mom bought me a guitar purely for the lack of knowing what I wanted and that’s when it clicked. I was always the little kid coming up with songs and jingles, but when I taught myself how to play guitar, songwriting became my number one thing to do.

What are your musical influences?
The first band I fell in love with was Smashing Pumpkins, and I think that group has had the most influence over me as a musician. I create a lot of different music and I definitely think that’s because I listen to so many different genres. Bands like Circa Survive and The Front Bottoms have had a really heavy impact on my writing style as a whole and I think that’s most evident in my work with Sad Vegan, but in regards to this specific project I draw a lot of influence from people like Felly, Blackbear and Halsey.

You’re so young! What are your goals as you grow in your music career?
I’m glad you think so because I feel like the clock is ticking already! The past two and a half years have been all about music, and I hope it stays like that. Now I’m 18 and I really want to step on the gas. This new single is a step out of my comfort zone, being someone who plays in an Alternative Rock band, and I want to keep pushing those boundaries that I at some time, for some reason set for myself. Some big goals for me at the moment are to finish and release this EP (SYDHX) and play some shows! I’m on the look out to do a lot of feature work as well, so if you’re reading this and want me on a verse, let me know! Ultimately, I want people to hear my music, vibe to it, and get my message.


What is your creative process for writing songs and music?
The creative process usually goes like this…
Step one: Find something that inspires me, even if that inspiration isn’t obvious, because there’s a reason I sat down to write a song.
Step two: Play something, anything. Great. Now find some chords… Got it.
Step three: Say some words, write them down, erase them all, say something else, then go back to the first few words.
Step four: Find my groove and roll with it.
Step five: Have an epiphany and realize what it is I’m trying to say.
Step six: Completely lose track of what I was trying to say… Keep going.
Step seven: Scrutinize myself.
Step eight: Fill with pride at my artistic genius, then scrutinize myself again.
Step nine: Say f**k it and demo the song.

If you could meet one famous musician, alive or dead, who would it be and why?
I actually have no desire to meet anyone, is that weird? This question is my all time least favorite. We’re all just people… I guess it would be cool to meet Gwen Stefani, I adore her. She’s my music career goals for sure. Awesome band, successful solo career, and a now Christmas special?! Sign me up.

Watch out for this girl! She is so sweet and insightful and she’s going places. Listen to her new song ‘No Stranger’ on Soundcloud and Spotify!

XX Jules

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