2018, what did I ever do to you? (We all tell white lies on social media)

IMG_3009photo by Aly May Photo

I‘m going to be blunt with you all because that is my nature. This year has been shit so far. An absolute flaming sack of shit. My favorite person in the world, my Grampy, passed away. The night of his funeral, my dad went to the hospital. Two weeks later he had open heart surgery (recovering well, thank God). I broke my tooth at work, ripped my pants (LOL), and I was in two car accidents. Here I am, just sitting sick at home, hoping it all gets better.

At work, I often tell my patients that we don’t know the silent battle people are fighting. We don’t know what happens behind closed doors. You think you see it all on social media. But those are just the highlights. An edited, curated selection of moments from somebody’s life. How often do you see the hurt? How often do you see couples arguing? How often do you see someone who isn’t in the mental health community showcase their crippling depression? Rarely.

As a society, I think we can do better. I have gone round and round with myself and with other people lately, trying to find my footing. I’m tired of fighting. Very tired. Sometimes I just want to cancel everything and lay in bed. But I push through. Some days I just cry in my car on my way home from work because it was a heavy day or I really, really miss my Grampy. Some days I don’t feel much like eating. I do it anyway. Sometimes I just cry. These are the parts of me that I don’t show on social media.

These are the parts that we must remember exist. Without them, we aren’t human. Without them, we are series of seemingly happy photos and captions. We are a laughing couple. We are a smiling model in a bathing suit. But we aren’t. At least not always. We are human. We are a couple that just got into a screaming match. We are a hungry girl, trying to please society. We are sometimes lonely. It’s important to see the human behind the social media. Behind the huge smiles.

Because once we can’t see the human anymore, is anything really worth it?



2 thoughts on “2018, what did I ever do to you? (We all tell white lies on social media)

  1. This was such a beautiful reflection Jules, made me think so much. Sorry to hear how hard your year has been, hope the rest of 2018 is a lot better for you xx


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