Why I’m leaving Michigan after 4 years

Photo by my girl Hope

Despite my exterior and my ample sarcasm, I’m a real sentimental kinda gal. The Mitten has treated my Ohio soul real nice for four years. Michigan has been the place where I learned some serious life lessons and restructured my mental health. This is the place where I have made life-long best friends who are creative, loving and fun. I became a certified yoga teacher here through the Mindful Vinyasa School of Yoga. Michigan is where I began applying my beloved psychology degree. Finally.

Hope, Me, Chloee, Shelle (LOVE THEM)

I have really come into my own in Michigan. I can confidently say that I had no idea who I was when I got here. In 2014, I graduated from the University of Dayton and it was a strange time for me. In those years, I went from being introverted and moody to extroverted and all about fun. Too many nights a week, you could find me at Milano’s or in “the Ghetto” dancing my heart out and chugging beverages with my friends (after a couple of hours at Club Roesch, our campus library, of course). Sorry, Dad.

This party animal behavior continued after moving to GR. I moved into a house I found on Craigslist with four guys and a girl. They quickly became my closest friends here and we spent a lot of our time listening to music and drinking (love you guys). A lot happened in that house that made me into the woman I am today. I was at my highest and lowest simultaneously. It forced me to make some major decisions on who I ultimately want to be as a person. I am still a free spirit without being the illusive, sneaky creature I had become. Brutal honesty has since become my favorite policy.




After my girl moved out of the house, I then lived with 5 boys. A lot was going on and we were having a lot of fun. Cottage days and nights at Aaron’s island cottage. Acoustic guitar and singing around the campfire. Midnight play around the island, chasing one another. Waking up with leaves in our hair and smelling like lake water and burnt wood. Freckles on our skin and smiles on our lips. The best of times amongst the worst of times. Too much alcohol, too many unrequited feelings. Hearts were broken and I missed him. The whole reason I moved here. There are some things you can never get back no matter how much you try. I am all of 26 now and things will never be like college again.

IMG_1573_Facetune_09-12-2017-06-03-45 2

Laughter at an old roommate’s wedding. Dancing the night away with familiar faces all around. Just like old times. My heart was full even though it rarely feels that way anymore. I work almost daily with people who understand me and care about me. I have a chosen family here and I live with one of the kindest souls I have ever known (love you, Shelle). My girl gang simply cannot be beat. I love our high-powered lady unit with all the creativity and the love and laughter. So much love is in Michigan but after the recent tragic family events, I have been left feeling lonely.


During that time, I have spent a lot of time with my family. We laughed and cried and drank wine. We ate good food and we sang together. Beautiful moments and beautiful people brought together because we lost the man of our family. There is a huge whole in my soul and my heart and nothing can fill it but family time. I have realized that. Missing him and wishing I could spent one more day with him. I would give anything.

Here I am in my late 20s without the reason I moved here in the first place. I stayed here without that reason for years. I have loved Michigan and appreciated Michigan for all the memories I have harvested. All the beautiful lake days and nights. All the laughing, wonderful humans I have met. But before I moved to Michigan, I was SO CLOSE to packing up all of my worldly possessions and moving to Colorado. 5 years later, I’m finally doing it. In December, I will be moving to colorful Colorado to live with my brother and his wonderful girlfriend who has become sister to me. My amazing godparents are there as well with their two kids, so I will be surrounded by loved ones. I think I have some sorority sisters there, too. 😉

So this is the next chapter in my journey. I am so excited for all of the new experiences, opportunities and people I will meet along the way.




What journey are ya’ll on right now? Do you have any plans for your journey? Share them with me down below!



10 thoughts on “Why I’m leaving Michigan after 4 years

  1. omg Jules!! You sound like you grew tremendously in Michigan and I’m so glad you gained so much BUT i’m so pumped for you heading to Colorado!! I’m sure you’re gonna make the most of it and smash it! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Priya, I am so excited for this new development in my life + new opportunities! I absolutely dig your good vibes + I’m glad that the magical world of music blogging brought us together! Wishing you well. xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha I do say that, but ranch I have tried to cut back but I do love it! I now since I moved eat everything with Hot Sauce or Sriracha lol But I am transitioning, so different then the midwest for sure. You’re in Colorado? how is that?


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