style icons of my past

Stevie Nicks
Ya’ll know I’m this extra. Let’s do this.

I think we all struggle with grasping our own identity while growing up (if you’re an Ennegram 4, I know you feel me 24/7). I have spent many productive years of my young life idolizing other women. Along the way, I copied their clothes, attempting to build my upon own identity. Through this weird and expensive adventure of mistakes, I have slowly built my own personal style. It was a time-consuming process with a lot of embarrassing blunders. But it happened and you can’t change the past. Unless you’re a witch. Come with me. Let’s share this bottle of wine and walk through the journey of my style history.



I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous of Sabrina. She had it all. Magic powers, a cool boyfriend, and a cool ass trendy wardrobe. Most importantly, she had access to a talking cat. To a seven-year-old cat lady (me), she was #goals. I would sit around for hours watching Hocus Pocus and talking to my cat named Figaro as she merely tolerated my presence. Not only did I own the Sabrina the Teenage Witch CD-ROM, I also dressed up as Sabrina for Halloween.

Hello, it’s me. Sabrina.


I’m obviously making fun of myself here – I mean, let’s get real here. The 90’s and 00’s fashion trends were a total joke. Fake hair pieces. Tear away pants. Limited Too. Bandanas. Camouflage cargos. Triggered. This leads me to the horrendous mix-matched style of Lizzie McGuire. I may have pretended to hate her because I was a *~tomboy*~ but I secretly wanted to be her. I think we can all be honest here and admit to it, already.


Anyone who REALLY knows me is aware of what’s coming next. I was a complete Harry Potter freak as a kid. Like, I was 12 and I wanted to be Hermione Granger. I used to dress up like Hermione all the time. I even copied her street clothes from the movies. There was so much that I admired about her character and so much I loved about the Harry Potter series. I’m not trying to play the pity card but I was bullied mercilessly. I was a very lonely kid and Harry Potter made me feel less lonely. As an adult, I cherish those books for what they were able to teach me and I curse J.K. Rowling for making her characters dress up in robes (how embarrassing). In college I would still be dressing like Hermione for Halloween… just not as appropriate.

Moving on to the punk rock princess of the 2000’s. She made pink and black look tough and often wore a tie because SCREW GENDER NORMS. If you have been alive as long as I have, you can probably guess who I’m talking about.



It’s none other than Avril Lavigne. Seventh grade was a strange transformation for me. Everything was changing and emo music was totally hot and skater boys ruled recess. Also, try to run in Etnies. I dare you. I wore studded belts, ties with tank tops, and I had badges all over my backpack. Even my braces were pink and black and I played a pink electric guitar. I was PUNK, you poser. This isn’t a phase I’m proud of and my family has teased me about it for my entire life. To my family: I’m sorry for dating a gothic boy and worrying you for three years.



Oh, wow. This next character is a little obscure. My freshmen year of high school, I wanted to be Cassie Ainsworth from the E4 hit UK Skins. As a troubled young lady, I really related to her. We were both lonely and didn’t fit in properly. I’ve always been a bit of a space cadet in an odd, bookworm type of way. Just Google MBTI – INFP and you’ll get it. She has a very funky sense of style and it seems to be completely her own. Funky prints, fun socks and bright colors! Red lips and a kooky, half-in-space vibe. Still somewhat who I am.



Ah, Effy. A character close to my heart. Also from Skins UK, Effy Stonem was the grunge badass of the show. She was distant, independent, and not easily pushed around by others. All the guys loved her… and she loved a good party. My Effy phase was probably the longest of all of these phases. She was a little bit broken but extremely tough. Her style is full of heavy, black, and graphic tees. Knee socks and flannels. Her hair and makeup is always a bit undone, almost to look like she’s been out all night partying. So I wore black lace, black pants, leather jackets, and combat boots. Dark makeup and messy hair. Pretty close to the style I still wear.



All hail Stevie, our lady of rock ‘n’ roll. I went through a number of hippie phases but this one sticks with me to this day. I still love flowy tops and bell bottoms with a high waist. I tie my t-shirts in a knot and wear platform sandals. I have since thrown out most of my bell-sleeved tops but I will be keeping all of the white lace. This woman has influenced my life in ways I cannot express.



My current style is inspired by French ‘it’ girl, Jeanne Damas. She has her own clothing line called Rouje and she is everything I want to be. Her style is very simple. She wears a lot of denim and staple pieces. I love the minimalist, classic French girl style. I would say that my style has more retro vibes than Jeanne’s but I still wear a lot of black.

What do you guys think? What are your current fashion favorites? Who has inspired your style in the past? Let me know down below!


7 thoughts on “style icons of my past

  1. I really appreciate your visit to my blog. I have read a few of your posts and like your honesty and creativity. You got my follow. On my way to look around a bit more. Nice meeting you.


  2. omg Lizzie and Avril have me laughing so hard, the amount of crap I will willingly give myself for trying so hard to dress like them is insane! I also definitely went through a cheetah girls phase and now if I can’t be rihanna or kehlani I don’t really bother trying at all haha xx


    1. Omg Priya yesss if I could pull off the Rihanna look, I totally would try it! Hahahahaha I tried so hard to be Avril – I even tried to start a punk band in 7th grade πŸ™ˆ I love it! πŸ–€πŸ’—πŸ–€πŸ’—

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha omg! I took every dress up party as an opportunity to literally coat my water line in black liner and wear a bloody tie!! What a legend xx


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