the glass is half full


My momma has always referred to me as her “little free spirit.” I would still call myself a free spirit. In fact, until recently, I had not really fit any place at all. Don’t get me wrong – I wasn’t void of friends or romance. It’s just in my nature to fear the loss of my independence and begin to grieve it as soon as I can feel it slipping. Here I am, completely honest and raw. I have confidence but sometimes I put up walls to look tougher than I am. When my feathers are ruffled, I want to appear sure of myself and carefree.

Defense mechanisms. We all have them. I’m working on staying true to myself in tough situations. With my truth, comes positivity.

I have not always been a positive person. In fact, I used to be a glass half empty kinda gal. It hurts and heals to remember how far I have come. Following the death of a close friend, my anxiety peaked. The tears were never ending and sleep terrified me. One day, I woke up and I found that I was tired of expecting the worst. Optimism grew within me like a fern. It filled my chest with fluttering hope and soothed my brain.

In my field, it’s not hard to find someone who needs sunshine added to their darkness. Every day, I make it my mission to cheer someone up or just make them smile. I talk to my patients about re-routing negative thoughts all the time. It is part of the healing process. A process of letting go.

Instead of: “My life sucks.”
Try this: “Today wasn’t great but better things are coming.”

Instead of: “I am stuck.”
Try this: “I feel stuck but with a little work, I will get where I need to be.”

You cannot move forward if all of your thoughts are saturated in negativity. Those are the stones in your shoes that will weigh you down. You can drown in negativity or thrive in positivity. Which would you rather choose?

What do you think of this? Do you have any personal affirmations that you use daily? Please share below!



2 thoughts on “the glass is half full

  1. You continue to make your father proud. It has been so much fun watching you evolve. You will forever be my little princess. Never stop growing emotionally or spiritually.

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